Mizuno East Volleyball Club

Boy's Club Volleyball


Who We Are

Mizuno East is a  boys developmental program geared to teaching volleyball, character, sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity, communication, leadership and cooperation.  We emphasize the importance of conditioning, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It is our goal to help your child be the very best volleyball player he can be. We expect to send teams to several high profile tournaments during the season found throughout New England and Mid-Atlantic regions as well as to the National Championships in the summer. 

Mizuno East is open to players from 13 to 18 (with some younger exceptions potentially being made) while providing players from across the region the same elite training and comprehensive instruction in a volleyball setting that other national championship clubs offer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help young men be the very best they can be through success in volleyball.  We want to bring exceptionally talented people with significant volleyball success, but also success in life, to help young players  realize their potential through hard work, focus, discipline and teamwork.  Our goal is to offer excellence in coaching, discipline and to deliver the best training in order to develop your son as a person and as an athlete.  We believe that given the contacts that we have, the work we will do, and the talent we will develop, that MEVBC will become a serious feeder program to college programs for the athlete with the ability to play in NCAA , NAIA or Club ball.